Our Investment Plans

  • Minimum Amount :
  • Maximum Amount :
  • Rate of Interest :
  • Cashout Term:
  • Package :
  • Principal :


  • $3,000
  • $50,000
  • 2.00%
  • Days
  • 100 Days
  • Not Returned


  • $15,001
  • $50,000
  • 1.50%
  • Days
  • 300 Days
  • Not Returned


  • $5,001
  • $15,000
  • 1.00%
  • Days
  • 200 Days
  • Not Returned


  • $1,001
  • $5,000
  • 1.50%
  • Days
  • 100 Days
  • Not Returned
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  • liberty reserve
  • Bitcoin
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  • Perfect Money


What is needed for a maximum profitable and effective Investor Membership with Emaar Ventures Company? In this section, we have tried to clearly describe the most important moments which, in our opinion, would be the most helpful for You to start your Investor Membership with us and to continue its development in a correct, understandable and fruitfACCOUNT


1 GO TO www.emaarventures.com and click REGISTER AN ACCOUNT  

First of all, in order to start Investor Membership with us, You need to become the customer of our company. For that, You need to be a registered client of Emaar Ventures Company through our website www.emaarventures.com To register, please press the "Registration" button which is located at the main page of our website and then follow the instructions and notifications You will see in the entered Registration form.  In the registration form please fill in your personal details,then financial details In the the financial details fill in at least one of the preferred payment processor eg PayPal ,Skrill, Perfect Money.You can fill in all or at least fill in one of them.Please remember to edit your profile later and add in your bank details    After You have successfully passed through the registration process and paid the investment funds of your choice, You can become a full-fledged member of the investment fund of Emaar Ventures Company and benefit according to your investment plan.   Emaar ventures membership will provide You with specific rights and opportunities. For example, You can invite new members to the programme, using your referral link for that, as well as receive additional profit from the deposit of each member invited by You personally.  In order to use your referral link mentioning your user name and password created during registration, log into your account and there, in the relevant section, you will find your referral link.  



In addition to using your own referral link to invite new participants into the program, You will also have the opportunity to invest in the program of Emaar Ventures Company to produce daily interests from the funds invested by You.  In order to make an investment, log in to your account using your user name and password created during registration and click on "Make deposit". Then select the investment plan, which is most suitable for You, in your opinion, as well as define for yourself the amount You would like to place in the form of investment in this investment plan. Check the compliance of the chosen nominal amount to the range of funds accepted by the programme for processing directly at to the investment plan chosen by You.   select the e-payment system, using which You would like to make a deposit based on the programme. Follow the step-by-step instructions that You will be automatically provided by the programme of our website.  If You have any questions related to the registration or making a deposit, if You wish to clarify obscure points that may arise at any stage of Investor Membership with our company, write your question to the support service of Emaar Ventures Company.  



Having made a deposit, You will be able to benefit from the funds invested by You inform of daily interest.  In order to withdraw earned money to your electronic wallet, login to your account using your user name and password created during registration. Then, go to the "Withdraw" section, fill in appropriate gaps with the amount on the account balance which is available to You for withdrawal and select the payment system on which You would like to withdraw money,give Emaar ventures team 2 to 5 days to verify and process your payment to your bank account.

Withdraws to Epayment systems like PayPal and Perfect money only take 3 working hours.  

Enjoy the opportunity extended to you by emaar ventures Emaar ventures-Your number one investment partner .

Emaar Ventures

Emaar Ventures


Making decisions on how and where to invest is never easy. Now it's time to think about what you're going to do with your capital. You may want to invest your money in low-risk opportunities, which have fixed returns. However, you may want to put your money in stocks or Forex which have the potential to yield higher long-term returns with Emaar Ventures.

Before you make any final decisions it would be wise to weigh all of your options first, below you can read our investment Plans. Remember that the best decision is an informed decision and when it comes to your financial future you should want to make the decision that is best for you. You can consult your Upline for guidance on which plan to go with or Contact our support team for more guidance

We have  Investment plans with different daily profits which depend on deposit amount. Your daily income can be partially or completely added to your current deposit amount (reinvested). Thus your deposit amount among your daily income will grow daily .

During the investment period your profit is accumulated in your account each business day and can be transferred any time or be withdrawn as per specific days set for specific regions.


Please remember Emaar ventures trades on week days only and therefore pays in only week days that is Monday to Friday. 


Plan Name

Minimum Amount

Maximum Amount

Interest Rate 

Investment Term



$ 15001.00

$ 50000.00

2.50% Daily

300 Days

No Reimbursement


$ 5001.00

$ 15000.00

1.80% Daily

200 Days

No Reimbursement


$ 1001.00

$ 5000.00

2.00% Daily

100 Days

No Reimbursement


$ 201.00

$ 1000.00

5.00% Daily

40 Days

No Reimbursement


$ 20.00

$ 200.00

7.00% Daily

20 Days

No Reimbursement 

 Please Note the following 

  • Principal included in daily balance that you earn(At daily plans). So at the end of plan you have received:
    your principal investment (100%) + some profits (depend on your investment amount and according to the plan). We will not return the principal at the end of per term.

  • Compounding is not available.

  • We pay profits to members account on Business Days ( Monday - Friday )

  • You can withdraw your earning at any time (even weekends).

  • We Try to pay all withdraw requests instantly but if you didn't received your payments instantly please wait at least 24 business hours then inform us about this issue.